Blogs From 2012

It proved to be quite an emotional year, from moments of glory to utter despair. The highlights were Redknapp escaping prison (but not the chopping block), Italy at Euro 2012, AVB, Dembele and man crush number 1, Bale coming alive.

Blogs go chronologically with January 2012 at the top working down towards the end of the year.

Henry and Scholes: Legends Ready For a Fall

Kenny Dalglish: The Messiah or a Masquerade?

Man City v Spurs: The British Hold The Key

Gareth Bale: On His Way to Becoming a Legend

Liverpool v Tottenham: Fab Four and Beyond

Liverpool and Tottenham: Both Clubs Fail To Dare and To Do

Harry Redknapp: The Club Vs Country Conundrum

Why Spurs Need Arsenal To Be Better.

Arsenal Hammer Home Five Painful Lessons

The Weeks Top Footballing Stories

Top Stories You Might Have Missed

Spurs Once Again Demonstrating a Genetic Defect

Where Did It All Go Wrong???

Tottenham Hotspur: The Season That’s Gone Full Circle

Redknapp, Kaboul and Lennon: A Rain Swept Sunday

The Alternate Team of the Year 2011-2012

The Wait to Reclaim the Title Continues….

Europa League: Why Spurs Need to Get Serious

Euro 2012: The Players Set to Shine this Summer

Redknapp: The Man Who Spoke Too Much

England v Italy: The Anglo Italian Preview

Spain, the Triple, Jordi Alba and Anti-Anti Football

English Premier League: The Breaking Stories

Under Armour and Tottenham Hotspur: The Right Time and Place?

The Future Premier League Top Stories

Deep Inside The Modric Saga

The Premier League: Top Summer Stories II

The Religious Divide at Spurs: To AVBelieve or Not?

Jermaine Jenas: A Hex Upon Three Points

Rodgers, AVB and Wenger: The Men in Charge???

The Reasons Why This is a Happy Birthday Spurs!!

David Bentley: To Russia with Love

The International Break: Police, Levy, Secret Files and an ex-Spur

Premier League Chairman goes to Hollywood for Tips

Tottenham Till Half Time

From Brad to Good

The Cockerel Knocks Out Three Lions

 A World Without Chelsea

A Blunt Knife in a Gunfight

Mousa Sandlestone & The Ultimate Spurs Combos

Three Issues from Three Points

How Wigan has Come to Define Spurs

In Desperate Pursuit of Positivity

The Honeymoon is Over for AVB

Dreaming of Moyes

More at Fault than Just Adebayor

No Surprise That Time is Up for Di Matteo

Redemption and Footballing Lessons at White Hart Lane

Calling all R’s: The Redknapp Warning

Christmas Tips from Spurs

Alternate Spurs Awards 2012

Why Does Roberto Always Blames Balo?

New Year Resolve Not a New Striker

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